Acupressure Massage

Our massages are performed on a comfortable custom designed chair; the employee remains fully clothed and no oils are used. 
D-Stress have been offering in-house treatments to staff for 25 years and in fact Davina and Jayne have been coming into the Weil offices now for over 15 years.
How we can help.
Our service offers practical and immediate help for a number of conditions. Treatments are carried out through the clothes in a super comfortable chair. Typically your first session will involve going through a brief confidential medical history. This will be followed by a general treatment to the back, neck and shoulders. Results are immediate with a cumulative effect on tight, sore muscles, chronic aches and pains and general wellbeing. Treatments can be targeted to focus on specific problems areas, or general loosening of muscles, boosting the immune system and achieving optimum wellbeing. We may use a combination of deep tissue techniques, acupressure massage, trigger point release and cranial therapy. Advice on remedial stretches and exercises may be given.

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Cancellation Charges: Cancellation must be made 24 hours prior to appointments to avoid being fully charged.
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