Gym Induction

Book your gym induction session, learn how to use the new equipment and get the best results

Weil Gym

Our state of the art gym is now available for you to enjoy as and when you want. However in order to use this facility we require you to complete an induction session with our personal training team.

Prior to using the gym facility at Weil you are required to complete a gym induction session with a Personal Trainer from Motive8 to cover the health and safety, housekeeping, etiquette and gym rules that are in place for all users. You can also ask questions and find out information on the services available to you within the fitness facility. If you have already completed a gym induction you can also book in again for a refresher visit if required.

Please make sure you book now to ensure you don't miss out as limited spaces are available. After the inductions that will be available during the initial launch future inductions will be available on a weekly basis.

How To Use The Gym Safely

What’s it for?Weil wants to promote health and wellness amongst our employees and contractors, whilst also encouraging members of the gym to use the facilities in a safe way. In addition to members of the gym using good judgment, Weil Facilities Team have designed these guidelines to encourage safe behaviour at all times whilst using the gym facilities.
Who uses it?
This document applies to all employees and contractors who use the gym. 
Who’s responsible and what do I do?
 All employees and contractors are allowed to use the gym 24 hours a day, however, it is mandatory to wear a personal alarm between 9pm-7am, including weekends and Bank Holidays.To promote safety and wellbeing, all users must undertake a full induction and sign the Health Statement before gym access is authorised. Once complete, users can access the gym and adjoining locker room and showers by using their Weil access card. Please note that users may not loan their Weil access card or permit its use by any other person. Allowing such misuse may result in the withdrawal of your gym access. 
Free weights: 
·       Suitable clothing (no shirts to be removed) should be worn·       Shoes that cover and protect your feet must be worn. No sandals·       Re-rack weights and replace equipment when finished·       Please do not drop weights or dumbbells·       Use the free weights in the designated area within the facility particularly the heavier weights in the range
Cardio equipment:
·       Twenty-minute time limit on all cardio machines is strictly enforced when people are waiting
Use of the gym is a privilege. All gym users are kindly asked to: 
·       Keep walkways clear (bags should be kept in designated locker areas)·       Please do not touch the audio or video equipment other than as instructed·       Ask the Security or Facilities Team staff for assistance·       All gym equipment must remain inside the facility.·       In case of an emergency please contact the Security team on 1414 or 1416·       Respond appropriately to all reasonable staff requests·       Act with character and courtesy while respecting the rights, welfare and dignity of all others in the gym ·       Act in a safe, responsible manner in regards to themselves and others using the facilities ·       Young persons under the age of 18 are not permitted to use the gym under any circumstances·       No alcohol or drugs should be consumed before using the gym·       Food or drinks, except water bottles, are not allowed in the gym ·       Proper footwear and clothing are required
·       No animals other than those assisting those with disabilities 


Why do I need a gym induction?
  • A gym induction is required because the gym is essentially unmanned and, to cover our health and safety requirements, the Facilities Management require all employees to be shown how to safely use the gym. 

 What does the induction entail?
  • Covering the use of cardio equipment in the gym
  • Covering the key features and use of the strength equipment
  • Covering the use and safety of using free weights
  • Showing any other equipment and training areas such as stretching spaces and smaller resistance training items - mats, medicine balls and Swiss balls
  • Housekeeping and Health & Safety - Fire Exits, Cleaning Stations, Air Conditioning and Audio Visual Controls, Water Stations
  • Answering any questions that a resident might have surrounding training in the gym, further services and how to report issues

Do I need to bring training kit?
  • Training kit is not a requirement for the induction as we understand that you may be attending during your work schedule. Whilst it is useful to come prepared to try machines out during an induction, this will not be an opportunity to look closely at your technique and form in detail due to the group setting of the inductions.