Wellbeing Committee

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Our Mission

To provide support and leadership that helps our employees thrive and function optimally. The Committee provides resources, education, and leadership in areas such as career satisfaction, well-being, addiction, resilience, engagement, and many other quality of life and quality of career issues.

Duties and Responsibilities

Provide a forum for discussion of the often difficult struggle to manage the demands of career, family, personal, and societal obligations.Identify, develop and offer resources that assist our employees in flourishing. Resources shall include educational tools, events, and recommended model practices that assist attorneys in professional growth and achieving professional excellence without sacrificing their well-being or personal lives. Utilise the Weil Wellbeing Platform and other avenues of communication to provide resources relevant to enabling our employees and organisations to thrive. Coordinate with other partner entities with similar goals and support professional development programs committed to providing support for lawyers.

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Our Sponsor

Paul Smith is our sponsor and has overall responsibility for the running of the Weil Social & Wellbeing Committee.